Holiday Greetings Friends!

MerArt Studio is sparkling for the season and pleased to announce a half off sale for all artwork on website. Please email MerArt Studio and let Meredith know what art you would like to purchase during the holiday season. Email:

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MerArt Studio is also open by appointment for you to see all art, enjoy some refreshments and/or commission any art based on what inspires.
Meredith has just returned from a research trip in Egypt to study the importance of the triangle image she has been using over the years in her artwork. It has been an exciting journey which inspires new art in the coming year. Stay tuned!

Meredith resides in Portland, OR currently where she is actively involved with her new work of abstract paintings at MerArt Studio over the past several years.

Meredith creates her newest project, MerArt Productions currently involving unique light and space art. This project entitled “Cloud Speak Retreat” is an experimental sculpture next to her MerArt Studio inspired by James Turrell’s “Rodin’s Crater”, in the south west desert.

In 2006 Meredith started her business Art in Motion where she is an Independent Contractor offering her programs in World Music, entitled Music Imagery, Arts and Crafts and Ceramics designed specially for fragile adult communities in her local area.